10 Aug 2010

It's good

All teachers that are here will be teaching - Annie, Jared, Mary Jane, Norah, Nancy, Donna and Deb. They are sitting in front of me right now, and can't wait to meet you all tomorrow.

They have been truly wonderful. It's been a difficult situation and everyone involved is so sorry for pain anyone has experienced, especially me.  We hope to see everyone in classes tomorrow, enjoying themselves as they have been this evening at the Pub Quiz.

Joan arrives tomorrow morning and shall be teaching.

Debbie arrives tomorrow afternoon and shall be hear.

Amy won't be able to make it because of flight issues.

This weekend the market will be astounding, and the weather's going to be great.

I'm so grateful for all the good wishes we've received and want to publically thank Carol for the beautiful blanket.  I will treasure it always.


  1. Trying to get a hold of Joan - White Lies Designs about her yarn that was sent to British Yarns.

  2. "Amy won't be able to make it because of flight issues" . . . Really? Amy is staying next door to me for the last few days. I beg to differ as to the reasons why.