25 Jul 2010

Set backs but carrying on

Just to say that although we've had quite a lot of set backs with this event, and I've learned so much, but the team and I still want for you to enjoy this....

and this...

and this sort of thing

and maybe some of this

with people like this


Some people have decided not to support us, or rather withdraw support, but quite frankly that's all hurdles to jump over.  Which we will.  We are determined that this one-off event will be fantastic for everyone attending.  Kate and I have worked too many hours for too long for us to let down people. 


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the setbacks and how you are feeling atm. I'm sure though that once you and Kate start meeting us all in Stirling and you can see what you have 'given birth to' and how much fun and excitement and challenges you and the team have created for all of us - well hopefully you'll get that exhausted but wondrous sort of glow that we get after giving birth.

    Hang on in there - there is a lot of support and appreciation for all you're doing and once we travel to Stirling from all over the world you'll get to experience it directly and that should give you a real boost as you experience the reality of what you've achieved.

  2. Hi, there will allways be people that cant handle competition. Take a moment and just think how much you have done. We are a big, big group that just stand here waiting for the fun to begin. You have done a FANTASTIC job! I want to hug you all.
    See you soon

  3. Hang on and push through. We are all very excited to be there!

    See you soon ;o)

  4. I'm sorry things are so stressful for you right now. Please know my sister and I are very much looking forward to this event.

    Liza {who goes by LisaWithZed elsewhere}

  5. Hang in there. The folks that are meant to be there will be there, and it will be just grand. I am SO looking forward to the classes and workshops I'll be teaching!

    Roll with it, roll on. . . .

  6. It will be great so keep your spirits up! Must get on or I won't have any handouts.....

    Roll on August : )


  7. You are all doing a great job. It must be like herding cats!

    Cannot wait, it will be terrific.

    Hugs xx